Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Robert Cherry: The New Forever (Requisite)
release: Now-ish
rating: **
This guy's former band, Ether Net, opened for BRMC, Idlewild, Hot Hot Heat and Placebo. Holy cow, that's some great cred for a band I've never heard of. And he's gonna need it, because his solo debut is kinda a snoozefest. There are some good moments that are fleshed out with piano and acoustic guitar and it becomes a little more likable as the record moves along. And heck, we really do need a new forever, yo. It's just that the singer-songwriter aspects become too safe and conventional. And he's got a cat in his press photo. Save that for myspace. -Kenyon
Exeter Popes: Exeter Popes EP (White Shoes)
release: February 7, 2006
rating: ***
Three songs, two guys in band, one nice sound. Pleasant, fragile folk-indie-pop with just a wee bit of twee. -Kenyon

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