Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Liars: Drum's Not Dead (Mute)
release: March 21, 2006
rating: **

When the Liars were touring for the first record in 2002 and opening for Sonic Youth in New York, the restless post-experimental rock band practically blew its forefather band away. It was partly because the Liars seemed very reckless and exciting, and party because Sonic Youth was kinda a drag live. The same would not be said if the Liars were supporting its third album, the much darker Drum's Not Dead. It's hardly because it's not interesting. The Liars have been intriguing and strange since their inception (even though its sophomore record about witches is forgettable). It's just really hard to picture a live impact from tribal-type percussion, moaning-like vocals (and the vocals don't come often) and whatever other sounds they mustered up on this concept record about something that really is an effort to explain here. On record, however, it at least shows that the band is willing to take chances. Hopefully, like Sonic Youth, this is just a phase of avant-garde the Liars are going through, and when they finish, they'll get back to what they do best: rock the hell out. -Kenyon

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