Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Green Pajamas
Box of Secrets- Northern Gothic 2 (Hidden Agenda)
release: September 18, 2007
style: gentle psychedelic pop rock
similar: the Posies, "Dont Fear the Reaper," other psych pop artists on HA!
rating: ** Oh man i feel terrible to have been neglecting this veteran Seattle band. i just cut myself. Box of Secrets is just as much psych pop as it is classic country rock on this mythological concept record. It is ripe with Neil Young, Velvet Underground and obsure classic psych rock channeling. They have gotta have better albums than this, cause Box of Secrets is snoozy, most of it on the same note (dare i say, like the acting in the film The Village?). There is some good stuff here if you dig around. "i Just Want to be Your Friend" and "Wild Pony" are enjoyable, the latter with layered harmonies and chugging (there, i said "chugging," i'm such a journalist) guitar. P.S i heart Hidden Agenda. Okay i feel better now. -Kenyon

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