Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Recoil: subHuman (Mute)
release: August 14, 2007
style: mixed
similar: Moby's Play, UNKLE, B.B. King
rating: *1/2
Boo hoo, Alan Wilder left Depeche Mode, it's not the same without him. Boo hoo. i'm not making fun, i'm serious. Wilder has been doing Recoil years before he left DM. This of course is nothing like DM. That's what happens with these projects, they get all experimental on us. The last Recoil album was 5 years ago, so Wilder forgot how to use some of the equipment. Whoops. He doesn't sing on subHuman, instead employing two singers-a bluesman and a girl comparable to Kate Bush or Sarah McLachlan. We need more girl on this. Aside from the songs being very long, it's laborious to listen to the guy's vocals being belted out over either electronics or live instruments, all with very little melody. Therefore I am not feeling the blues. It's always great to hear disparate styles being combined. This experiment doesn't gel. subHuman is subPar. -Kenyon

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