Monday, September 17, 2007

girl you know it's NEW. aka shite you never heard of yo.

Sylvie Lewis
: "Star song" (from Translations on Cheap Lullaby) don't confuse with Jenny Lewis yo. this pretty, crystal clear voice works perfect. currently in Italy. Free at the Living Room, NYC Wed, Sept 19

Spiritual Mansions: "What did I Tell You?" (Afternoon records) what the poly spree sounds like when the record is playing at 33 instead of 45.

Junius: "at the age of decay" record out October 9, 2007 on Radar recordings . yo this shite sounds british. atmospheric killer rock from the get-go. i'm sold. these guys are all wearing black hoodies in the press photo. i pretend to not notice that. this must be very awkward for them when they go out somewhere together.

A Brief Smile- Now We All Have Horns on Wrecking Ball, October 2, 2007. some critics mentioned Spiritualized when reviewing this. these guys are *nothing* like Spiritualized. so just stop that. this is self-indulgent spacey rock. my patience is being lost here. the press photos are original though. too mysterious for their own good.

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