Wednesday, January 16, 2008

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Colour Revolt [Mississippi] - Scruffy Southern noise-rock, offset only by the gentle and deep-thinking "Mattresses Underwater." "Blood in Your Mouth" features the best use of harmonica in a rock song so far this year. A big shock that they've been under the radar, considering they've toured with Dinosaur Jr., Brand New (!?), Black Lips and Explosions In the Sky. Plunder, Beg and Curse out April 1, 2008 on Fat Possum.

Dirty on Purpose [Brooklyn] - video for new song "Audience in the Room" HERE. From the Like Bees EP out January 15 on North Street records.

Foxy Shazam [Cincinnati, Ohio] - A unique band with unique facial hair, their over-the-top masquerading rock is like Faith no More going fast forward. Video for "A Dangerous Man" HERE. From "Introducing" out January 22 on New Weathermen/Ferret. -Kenyon

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