Saturday, January 19, 2008

Say Hi: The Wishes and the Glitch (Euphobia)
release: February 5, 2008
style: indie rock, indie electronic
[rating: ***1/2]
The fifth record from Eric Elbogen's Say Hi (previously Say Hi to Your Mom) is the most serious and reflective rock he's made. I'm not just saying that to be cliche. The Wishes was a result of a relocation from Brooklyn to Seattle and that's obvious with opener "Northwestern Girls." THe Wishes is mad serious and heartfelt and dare i say dark. Overall a maturing in Elbogen's songwriting and recording while widening the scope of Say Hi's ability. -Kenyon


The Billie Burke Estate: Let Your Heart Break (self-release)
release: January 15, 2008
style: singer-songwriter disguised as band
[rating: **1/2] Andy Liotta, who is responsible for everything but drums on Let Your Heart Break, has history from back in the day playing in unknown bands that opened for very well known bands: Green Day (!), Primus (!) and Counting Crows (eh). His second album under the BBE name is story-telling ("99 liberty lane"), positive with the misleading titled "Everybody's gonna die" and corny "perky muscle girl." A comparison to Ben Folds no doubt is in play due to Liotta's vocals and piano. you know what though? with all the multi-tracking and few instrumental breaks, i am convinced that he loves to hear his own voice. -Kenyon

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