Tuesday, January 08, 2008

short reviews

Olympic Lifts [Ireland] - Oh man i miss this carefree spirit. Thank you Olympic Lifts for doing the Pop Will Eat Itself/Carter USM/Stereo MCs early '90s thing. I count on the Lifts to be a good time live. Check the line-up: Bigshow (electric guitar/keys), Boma (MC/percussion), Pylon (MC), Icerink (bass) and Rock Suitcase (beats). Werd.

Westside Daredevils - [Tennessee] - The colorful "Darling Currency" has the jangle of the Lemonheads and Teenage Fanclub and sure enough the Fanclub is one of this band's influences. Goody! Westside was formed "with the ambition of postponing adulthood indefinitely." THANK YOU, stay young.
Lawrence Blatt [San Francisco] - Once in a while it's nice to hear acoustic guitar picking rooted in classical theory. Blatt's guitars are custom made with specific materials and taking months to finish. To the classically trained ear it's a unique tone. To ears that listen to guitar-drenched feedback it's a completely different way of life.
Daphne Darling [Toronto] - polished teen-pop ala Kelly Clarkson. Darling loves "Tenderness" by General Public and so do i. Potential guilty pleasure here. bop.
This Door to Remain Closed During Work Hours [Alaska] - instrumental post-rock not intense enough to be compared to, say, explosions in the sky. the metal riffs come in unneccesarily without warning and then a brief vocal stream comes in which negates the buildup and intensity. the fact that it's from alaska saves door to remain from being called too self-involved. alaska is cool, please stop the ice from melting.

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