Monday, January 14, 2008

Graveyard: s/t (Tee Pee)
release: February 19, 2008
style: psychedelic stoner blues rock
[rating: ****] Not since the '70s has '70s psychedelic stoner rock been this real. Forming not even a couple years ago, the Swedish Graveyard already has perfected its formula via monster riffage reminiscent of Black Sabbath, gruffy vocals and appropriate titles such as "Submarine Blues" and "Evil Ways" (not to be confused with any other "Evil Ways.") They got long hair too. "Blue Soul" is a 6-minute self-examining narative driven by overcast lines including "you ain't worth much when your blood is cold." Later on in the band's debut is the statement "living and dying is easy as time fades away/The people of tomorrow are the children of today/It can't be denied." Damn, these guys are cool. -Kenyon

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