Monday, May 12, 2008

E for Explosion: Reinventing the Heartbeat (Eyeball)
release: May 20, 2008
style: gentle emo rock
[rating: ***] Formerly of Warped Tour-style act JamisonParker, Explosion's Jamison Covington has gone the way of Trent Reznor, jumping off the Interscope ship and onto a boat that is free to sail the seas. Covington even has a song name similar to NIN titled "You Know Who You Are." It happens to be one of the top songs on Heartbeat, which was recorded with producer extraordinaire Dave Trumfio. The debut is emo ballad city, though with drum machine, breathy vocals and the occasional strings or piano, it is at least a sparkling full sound. "Antarctica" emits warmth rather than ice cap coldness. And like the ice caps, the girls will be melting after being exposed to this kid's lovelorn charm. Rated E for everyone. -Kenyon

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