Monday, May 19, 2008

From Bubblegum to Sky
A Soft Kill (Eenie Meenie)
release: June 3, 2008
style: one man band indie pop
[rating: ***1/2] A Soft Kill is an indie pop record's indie pop record. The many touchstones are evident on Mario Hernandez' third record in eight years. A guitar riff for one tune is a knock off from a vintage girl group song, like Vanilla Ice taking Queen's "Under Pressure." Another holds in its arms a recognizable melody from a semi-known New Order song. Perhaps that is listening too deeply. The point is, even if we've heard the pop-influenced pop before, a Soft Kill is chock full of the ABC's of ice cream indie, albeit comprised of the commonly contrasted solemn lyrics. To be release digitally and on vinyl, the latter of which comes with a t-shirt! Bu-bu-bu-bubblegum! -Kenyon



Anonymous said...

*cough* Check your usage of "to comprise" *cough* (use "to consist" next time if you really want to use that "of" so the grammar snobs who read you won't have their hackles piqued.)

Anonymous said...

*sneeze* gee thanks