Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Incredible Vickers Brothers
Gallimaufry (Bus Stop)
release: June 10, 2008
style: country-folk-pop
[rating: ***] Actual brothers from the woods in California, the Incredible Vickers have taken notes from at least a few genres. And though it varies to the point where the duo is indecisive about what path to take, the songs stand proudly. "Blues for Frankie Valli" is an updated version of Simon and Garfunkel before they shift quickly to bright 1960s-style British invasion pop for "What She Does" and "Things Slowly Change." An optimistic country song about getting along with someone features violin and ukelele. Slouching are the last few average songs, with the exception being "Record Collection Blues," which sounds like 1920s music that is being played on a turntable from that decade. -Kenyon

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Anonymous said...

you almost got it right...this is a great pop-rock-folk CD...we loved all of the songs, especially "Tomorrow", "Top of the Stairs", "English Rose", "Frankie Valli"...the only weak song that is not all that weak is "Baby Boomer" THIS IS A 31/2 stars

THanks to the Incredible ones.