Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow (Darla)
release: May 20, 2008
style: ambient bliss
[rating: ****] i'm having a flashback here. Yea, i'm getting that personal. Flashback to around 1994 when i first heard the dazzling lunar modulations of Transient Waves. Hammock's latest is on par with the Waves. They've been creating hypnotizing moods for a handful of albums now and with Maybe They Will Sing, the duo is at the top of the ambient hill. A minimal use of instruments is found, yet the pieces are full and layered. The usually studio-based Hammock braved a performance of the material last year at an after-party with the presence of Sigur Ros' Jon Thor Birgisson. That's kinda a big deal. -Kenyon

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