Monday, May 12, 2008

The Daysleepers
Drowned in a Sea of Sound (Clairecords)
release: May 13, 2008
style: shoegaze, dream pop
[rating: ***] An obvious title for the style, Drowned isn't noisey like mbv or ocean-wavey like Slowdive, so getting drowned in a sea will be unlikely. We go a few feet into the water, maybe up to our hips and then spin around a little and feel the water and see the blue sky without stepping on a crab. Much of the chilly ringing guitar from this latest ethereal rock discovery is repetitive, though the drums are full and the female vocals--prettier than that of the male--allow for decent gaze. Opener "Release the Kraken" (hey! that is NOT very dream pop! i think that's from "Clash of the Titans"?) is like a gaze take on "Don't Fear the Reaper." "Twilight Bloom" improves and makes like Slowdive's Souvlaki at twice the tempo. "Summerdreamer" is even better. Aside from the swirly instrumental "Space Whale Migration," the latter half of the record feels tacked on. -Kenyon

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Anonymous said...

Not a completely accurate accessment of this fine album.

With the exception of "Late Bloomer" this CD has a certain style, 60's flair, and uniqueness not found often in todays market

Highlights "Tomorrow" "Top of the Stairs" "Blues for Frankie Valli"
"Things Slowly Change" and "English Rose"

I am not sure but there may not be brothers.

A solid **** star CD.

THank you Rob and Bob

KM from Virginia