Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Hotel Hotel: The Sad Sea (Silber)
release: November 4, 2008
style: experimental ambient
[rating: ***] If true, it is indeed a fantastic story. A fantastic voyage, even. The Sad Sea was derived from Hotel Hotel's expedition with a sailor/sea captain searching for a ghost ship. i am so high right now. i'm doing an interpretive dance to this. -Kenyon

Electric Bird Noise: le vestibule - vestibule transitoire (No More Stars)
release: November 4, 2008
style: ambient experimental
[rating: ****] The latest from EBN (interesting enough, the same initials for Emergency Broadcast Network) is two tracks of about 25 minutes each. Because of this, instead of informing us of "key" or "recommended" tracks, the label gives us "recommended transition points." I think this is a first. Brian Lea McKenzie's experimental drones --produced mainly by guitar---are stunningly unearthly. If there are indeed cosmic soundwaves eminating from the depths of the galaxy, the Bird Noise is eerily close to its representation. -Kenyon

Champagne Riot: Paris and I (Shelflife)
release: November 12, 2008
style: Euro indie pop
[rating: **] CR's melancholy soft ultra indie is from one guy of Denmark who keeps it in the studio, focusing on creating "simple and melodic music and getting the most out of primitive equipment." Wow i never thought of THAT! Using groovebox beats and guitars, Riot wants to keep the music scene at a distance. i'm not sure if that's pretentious or righteous. -Kenyon

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