Sunday, December 28, 2008

Guitar: Honeysky / Saltykisses
release: November 11, 2008
(originally issued 2004/2005)
style: shoegaze, dream pop, ambient pop
sim: Swallow, Flowchart, His Name is Alive, M83
[rating: ****] German Michael Lueckner (guitar/programming) and Japanesian Ayako Akashiba (vocals) follow the blueprints of My Bloody Valentine's "Soon" for a large portion of these two albums. This isn't a surprise for an artist like this. What is unexpected is that they put a world-influenced spin on Honeysky and Saltykisses, which were not released in the USA until now. Lueckner surrounds himself with sound effects in achieving quintessential, vibrant dreampop that is an out of guitar experience. Guitar explores the other side of the coin with acoustic/organic pieces that belong together on a separate collection. Next album due February 2009. Yay. -Kenyon


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