Saturday, December 06, 2008

Margot Blanche [New York] - Her name fits into the first half of the 20th century, just as her music does. But Blanche updates it, using big band/jazz backgrounds ala the Real Tuesday Weld, complete with back-up singers. Comparisons to Amy Winehouse are futile. Margot Blanche's sultry voice helps keep her true to the roots and with exceptional composure to boot. It's quite a surprise she hasn't had more exposure in the mainstream. You know, like stupid Entertainment Tonight or something. -Kenyon

Moosejaww [Brooklyn] - Thank goodness they're not Moosejaw (one w). That band is HORRIFIC. This Moosejaww band with extra W needs to be careful not to be confused with them. Which should not be difficult. The band harnesses 90s pop-rock with a smooth vocal style somewhere between Sebadoh and Coldplay, especially for "Rollercoaster" and ballad "It Takes Two to Know One." -Kenyon

Wounded Buffalo Theory [Brooklyn] - WBT is progressive not so much for the music itself, but rather because they don't limit themselves. They're influenced by Pink Floyd, Eno and Sigur Ros as much as heavier bands like Tool. "Didn't Go Outside" even has in there some Husker Du (one of their influences). It's a connundrum how and why they stretch across the rock spectrum like that. They like to play really long sets, so that helps. The cosmic jam "Revolution Mine," which better damn be an original, is a direction the band should persue. -Kenyon


Kay Adams said...

She's very beautiful. And I very much like the vintage pin up look she has going on. In fact, I even like the direction she's going in with her music, but I find her voice a bit too (modern?) sounding. Either way, her taste impressed me, I may have another listen.

You have very good taste in music by the way.

Kay Adams said...

ps: Margot Blanche.