Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Sensory Underload (1996-2008)
(Hidden Agenda)
release: October 28, 2008
style: indie pop
similar: Jeff Hanson, Darren Hanlon
[rating: ***] Lead by Jarid del Deo, Unbunny was around just when this new thing called the internet was picking up steam. So? Unbunny better get on Wikipedia! There is a myspace, thank goodness. Sensory Underload is a collection of EPs, singles, rarities and unreleased tracks which include the out-of-print Typist EP released by Important Records in 2005. "Dental Hygenist" is a cute story of romance and a peach among the quiet calm indie pop. As long as it stays that way, Unbunny is cool. The louder songs (only a couple) encourage del Deo to raise his voice and unfortunately that strains the vocal cords. Keep it cute and soft like the bunny! -Kenyon

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