Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Tractor Kings: Homesick
release: October 28, 2008
style: country indie rock
similar: Follow the Train, My Morning Jacket
[rating: ***] The one consistent member Jake Fleischli is missing home and some other things on a lonesome western rock road. Obvious titles are "See You Again" and "Black Hole in My Heart" to name a few. His thoughts are a common subject for song and his sleepy vocals may be hitting some flat notes, but Homesick is heartfelt, especially in opener "Bright Lights and Headlights," which, because of the pedal steel, is like a guy fronting Mazzy Star. Once again produced with Matt Talbott of Hum, the Tractor Kings walk a line of ringing guitars and shuffling drums that fade into the dusk. -Kenyon

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