Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I always think it's amusing when a TV show (comedy, drama, whatever) places music-related items or dialogue into the show. Like, posters of a band that you know the characters would never ever be listening to or probably never heard about. Or when characters are talking about going to see a band play. It's also slightly disturbing and surreal, because sometimes a band who you thought was far from the mainstream is mentioned. One time (don't know what program it was), a boy was upset with his dad because he felt he didn't know anything about his life. He asked his father, "what's my favorite band?" The kid was wearing an INTERPOL shirt. The father still didn't know. Then the boy said "INTERPOL, dad."

Here's one involving Alternative Press magazine that's notable. Someone pretending to write for them is introduced in this clip from the WB's One Tree Hill. It's all just clever marketing, I know. But it's like, worlds colliding!

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