Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Gouge Away (anti-review)
Pixies/Interpol/LCD Soundsystem @jones beach, June 14
by Kenyon

I didn't go because:

1- don't need to go to something (concert) just because it's there.
2-it was hot and humid. about 85 degrees.
3-already saw interpol twice.
4-not buying into hype of pixies. (hell, i even saw them in 1991 opening for U2!)
5-seats. which means there's no escape from someone annoying you.

notes: the show wasn't even sold out. whoa! and people on craigslist were desperately trying to sell them, tickets were down to $25. (yea maybe cause pixies just played 10 shows last december in new york, and like i said, interpol plays too many shows, check my song out about that) prolly could have gotten in for like $5 if i went down there, but didn't because of above reasons.

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