Sunday, June 05, 2005

And Everything Else...
(Plug Research)
released: May 17, 2005
rating: **

C'mon Nobody. You're somebody. Even if, in the press photo, you need to cover half your face with your fully tattooed hand to prove it. Really, though, maybe Nobody (Elvin Estela) isn't sure who he is on And Everything Else. I mean, first he covers the Flaming Lips' "What is the Light" and a little later he includes a snippet of (I'm pretty sure) a song by Brian Jonestown Massacre. Oh, he does originals too, exploring his Spanish influences, hip-hop beats and sampling, while collaborating with the likes of Prefuse 73, among others. Still, it ends up a tad confusing. To his credit, Estela does some sorta interesting things here, just sorta. It's mostly that sleepy electronic experimental stuff that you can leave for the background while you're writing some emails, cause it sure isn't noticeable enough to distract you from any deep thought. -- Kenyon Hopkin

styles: post-rock, experimental, bedroom, laptop

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Nobody said...

Thanks for reviewing my record. Just to let you know though that the interlude after the Flaming Lips cover is actually by the Cryan' Shames, who the BJTM covered without giving credit too. Thanks again.


Elvin (Nobody) Estela