Saturday, June 11, 2005

Smashing Orange
1991 [reissue]
(Elephant Stone)
released: May 31, 2005. originally released in, yep, 1991.
rating: **1/2

We all know about pumpkin smashing. But Smashing ORANGE? They were never on 120 minutes, so where were they hiding? Well, there's good reason why the band fell under the radar. 1991 (great year in music, by the way) compiles swirly, guitar-effects rock that's too lo-fi, too conventional and too disconnected to compete with such dreampop greats as Swervedriver or Ride (the Orange even had the same equipment as them!). Lots of psychedelic noise attacks like "Only Complete in You" and "Sugar" have the right idea, but aren't able to flesh out something that would go well enough with a multi-colored light show. Still, Smashing Orange should feel lucky that they were a part of that era, playing in the U.K. and opening for Lush in New York. Hell, what kid into shoegaze wouldn't be happy with that? - Kenyon Hopkin

styles: Dream Pop, Shoegaze, Noise Pop
similar: (early) Brian Jonestown Massacre, Pale Saints, (early) My Bloody Valentine, Skywave

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