Monday, June 06, 2005

White Stripes
"Blue Orchid"
from the album Get Behind Me Satan, out June 7, 2005
rating: *

Did anyone else hate this first single on first listen as much as I did? "Seven Nation Army" didn't hit me right away, likely due to its minimalism and non-immediate hook. Eventually I learned to like it. Not love it, just like it. After about four listens to "Blue Orchid," it still comes across as unfinished, empty and pretty much annoying. It's not just because Jack White sings in a falsetto. Or because the guitar is heavily processed. There's just not much to grasp onto, especially at 2.5 minutes. Fortunately, I've heard another song from the record that ensures the band can at least redeem themselves a little. And while I'm willing to bet my red and white shoes that the critics are going to once again go ga-ga over the Stripes, this song is still less appealing than the worn-out socks in those shoes. -- Kenyon Hopkin


Anonymous said...

if only jack white had accidentally zapped himself with his malfunctioning scientific contraption in jim jarmusch's "coffee + cigarettes," then we would no longer be subjected to his smug, half-assed attempts at low-fi garage rock. amen?

JoieDe said...

Question - as a new blogger, I just grabbed a page design from the dozen offered by blogger.com. Thus my banner (or whatever you call the topmost part of the page) is beyond dull. How did you get that beautiful filigree backdrop and the title subhead? I don't know html...