Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Show Me Your Tones. Yeah Yeah Yeahs at Roseland, NYC. May 2, 2006. photos by Kenyon.

Many will wonder if the Yeah Yeah Yeahs can still be exciting live with a second album that's on the softer side. This performance showed they can still be exciting and still a lot of fun as well. Although there were stupid drunk girls saying stupid things ("Take off your wig, Nick!" and "does anyone have a cigarette!?") and those same girls shoving their way up to the front after the rest of us had been standing there since 7:30, there were still enough moments where we could semi-dance and raise our arms while Karen O smiled and jumped up and down like a giddy teenager.

included in set: Gold Lion, Tick, Pin, Black Tongue, Y Control, Maps (acoustic), Phenomena, Way Out.

Dirtbombs and Black Lips (above) were perfect as openers. The crowd was pleased with the garage punk and psychedelic garage rock. Pleased enough for a half-assed mosh pit to form.

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