Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Gersch: s/t (Tortuga)
release: June 6, 2006
styles: Sludgy Lo-Fi Stoner Doom Metal
similar: Black Sabbath, Wolf Mother, Fu Manchu
rating: ***

The ass kicking thing about the now non-existent Gersch is that they can be seriously heavy without ever entering the tempos of most metal and hardcore and metalcore bands. This gathering of lost recordings from the 90s uncovers a short-lived obscurity that forms its lyrics from the "poetic dialogue" of Conan the Babarian. I don't remember Conan saying much in that first film, and the Gersch's lyrics aren't easy to decipher. This isn't, however, about lyrics. It's about guitar distortion that is thicker than Conan's muscles. -Kenyon

The Editors limited edition rarities EP is as ace as the Back Room. It includes a cover of Stereolab's "French Disko" and a wicked remix of "Munich." Tour dates this summer as well as gigs on TV, including The Late Late Show in August.

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