Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Polyphonic Spree announced two weeks of West Coast dates in September, including five supporting Hasidic reggae star Matisyahu. Who? whoops, awkward. The Poly Spree--26 members on last count--devoted much of early 2006 recording its third album which has no release date, but expected sometime in 2007. Check the recording process on the band's studio blog at http://www.thefragilearmy.com.

Nitzer Ebb, a complete opposite of Poly Spree, is touring for serious. If you're over 25 and went to clubs, you may have heard of them.

leave your cell phones at the door.
new schmew

The Kooks -- stream this sh*t. or this. it's late, i'm going to bed, so i'll just say, um, Britty bratty punky rock ala Art Brut, Kaiser Chiefs, rougher edged Blur and sh*t. record out october 3 on astralwerks. they're big in UK. good for them. thanks, goodnite.

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