Friday, July 14, 2006

James Figurine: Mistake Mistake Mistake Mistake (Plug Research)
release: July 11, 2006
styles: Indie Electronic
similar: Styrofoam, Her Space Holiday, Looper, Age of Rockets
rating: **

Mistake is exactly the solo album you'd expect from a guy who's been in the Postal Service, Dntel and Figurine. It's also the kind of album James Figurine (aka Jimmy Tamborello) was destined to make after touring through Germany with Lali Puna while listening to techno ad naseum. The majority of Mistake is the standard, light-hearted indie instrumental electro-pop that wouldn't sound half as good if it was made with guitars and live percussion. But even with those synthy-sizers, it's still dull, as Mistake is too redundant, simple and meandering. Most tracks go over 5 minutes and don't end up going anywhere exciting. And that guest vocal by Jenny Lewis? It's nearly non-existent. Not that I care about Jenny Lewis. She and Rilo Kiley are overrated anyway. -Kenyon

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