Monday, July 17, 2006

Kaiju Big Battel. August 4 at Warsaw in Brooklyn. Monsters are waiting. like the band yo!

Now is a good time to show you excerpts from my feature story involving Dr. Cube and the Chief Kaiju Officer, originally printed in the Long Island Press a few years ago.

...a hybrid of World Wrestling Entertainment, Godzilla, Jackass, and yes, the gross-out antics of GWAR. Maybe mastermind and Chief Kaiju Officer David Borden can help explain: "It’s a struggle between good and evil. I guess the point is to stop the world from being demolished by huge destructive evil beasts." Good enough.............does anyone get injured? "Not very often," Borden once again ensures us. "The Kaiju Regulatory Commission is really good at evacuating cities. Otherwise, thousands would die when the monsters came crashing into town." Whew, thank heavens. If you do witness a show, just don’t get too close. Unless you want "toxic waste" or "monster blood" on you. And if you want to get lectured by a diabolical surgeon, Dr. Cube is more than willing to offer his insults. "I always try to enlighten drunk humans with an eloquent speech on the perks of joining my evil Posse," he states without a hint of satire. "They usually eat up my every word.".....With such mayhem in the square-circle (which usually is contained by a steel cage), Borden is reluctant to enter. "I never get in the ring. It’s extremely dangerous and I'd probably lose my life if I tried. Giant city-crushing monsters are huge and I'd have little chance of getting out alive. When Kaiju Big Battels go down, I usually get as far away as possible."

No photos from Siren Fest here, look elsewhere.

I just sold an old school pencil sharpener on eBay for $3.25. Big let down.
Someone just posted three comments on here. that guy rules.

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