Tuesday, April 11, 2006

All four of Madonna's dates at Madison Square Garden--June 28/29, July 2/3, sold out Monday morning. Tickets were $64.50--354.50. Of course, tickets are available at ebay and craigslist. Go to ebay to see tickets selling for $500+, go to craigslist to read people's rants on scalpers. I got two tickets for the first show at the lowest price level in sections 424 and 426. I realize it is dumb for me to be paying as much for Madonna as I did for U2. Therefore I may sell.

New Red Hot Chili Peppers. Double album Stadium Arcadium out May 9. First single--"Dani California." And no, I would never ever pay $65 for these guys. or even $20!

Quicktime 128k

Windows 128k

And just so this blog can get back to sounding hipster rather than mainstream: Shannon saw Wolf Parade at Webster Hall Sunday night......Radio Indie Pop is streaming the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs record.

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