Saturday, April 29, 2006

Picture the scene. recently viewed films. because Kenyon can't just listen to music all day and night.

Last House on the Left * (1972) Any significance attributed to this old-school-looking drama-horror film quickly disintegrates from bad acting, annoying characters, corny music, little suspense and prolonged abuse and cat-and-mouse chase scenes.

White Noise ** (2005) If you can accept the idea of Michael Keaton of all people communicating with the deceased via radio and TV, White Noise is not as bad as you'd think. the supernatural thriller is darker and more depressing than expected, and actually a little scary. Of course it also leaves some important questions unanswered.

Children of the Living Dead * (2001) A bunch of kids in a van drive off a cliff and it's funny. Otherwise this zombie dud is terrible in every possible way.

Terminal Bliss (no stars) (1992) Not even Luke Perry, during his heyday on 90201, can save this complete mess of an excuse for a drama, where no character is likeable. Good luck sitting through even the first half.

Mindhunters **1/2 (2005) Brutal death scenes make this psychological thriller worth watching. Predictable ending and obvious foreshadowing is a small price to pay.

Birth ***1/2 (2004) Unique story about reincarnation without any special effects, yet fails to question the how or why while maintaining a solemn yet fascinating atmosphere.

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