Friday, April 07, 2006

Diamond Nights. Wednesday night at the Crazy Donkey, Farmingdale, Long Island.

Despite a packed crowd of restless emo (and mostly high school) kids anticipating Head Automatica, New York City's Diamond Nights did an unbelievable job winning a lot of them over with its party-time rock 'n' roll. Highlights were vocalist/guitarist Morgan getting them to sing along some "yeah yeah whoa whoas" at the beginning of "Saturday Fantastic" and walking into the crowd during the last song. "The Girl's Attractive" and "Destination Diamonds" were also killer.

Since there were few people there to specifically see these guys, Kristina, Shannon and I didn't have to worry about competing with any groupies they might usually have at their headlining gigs. If the band seemed friendly onstage, they were even friendlier offstage. Really cool guys. We hung out with them for a little while outside. This is the result:

Shannon wrote a little something as well. Thanks to Rick at the Crazy Donkey for hooking me up, and the guy working the parking lot.

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