Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Boy Least Likely To: The Best Party Ever (Too Young to Die)
release: May2, 2006
styles: Indie Pop, Twee, Sunshine
similar: Saturday Looks Good to Me, Shins, Bikeride, early Beach Boys
rating: ****

Seriously, the name of this band is kinda emo/pop-punk. But the cover of The Best Party Ever says otherwise. Yea. Little animal figures playing instruments, one holding a balloon. This isn't emo at all. This band is adorable twee/indie pop. With lots of fun instruments (harmonica, xylophone, synth et al) and appropriately cute song titles ("Be Gentle with Me," "Warm Panda Cola," "I'm Glad I Hitched My Apple Wagon to your Star"), it's so damn cute and sweet you'll wish it was watermelon or a granola bar so you could eat it. The Best Party Ever is the best innocent, daydreamy record this year and one from which other twee bands should take notes. -Kenyon

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