Friday, April 14, 2006

Buckcherry: "Crazy Bitch"
rating: *
from the album 15, released April 11 on Eleven Seven.

Buckcherry was a band that a few people got all excited about then promptly disappeared from the spotlight. And don't forget, this was after we had to keep hearing about where the band name originated ad naseum. They had a couple semi-hits in the late 90s-- "Lit Up," a cross between Guns N Roses, the Black Crowes and Aerosmith, and "For the Movies," which somehow had the sound of early Blur and really wasn't that bad. the band is actually still together. Sorta. They just released their third record, 15, but not without casualties. There's only two original members now (the singer and a guitarist) and they're on some unknown label (they used to be on Dreamworks. whoops!). however, they supposedly did sell out Irving Plaza in New York, so they must still be doing something right. First single "Crazy Bitch" is a title so genius that even Guns N Roses apparently could not come up with it. And of course, the name of the tour is "The Crazy Bitch Tour 2006." Wow. It would sound better if it was Crazy Bitch Tour 1976. Or 1986. Both the dirty version and clean version of "Crazy Bitch" are sleezy and explicit, with lyrics that no blog should bother repeating.Unless you're specializing in rock 'n' roll porn.

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