Friday, June 13, 2008

never lose that feeling -[or]- space travel rock 'n' roll.

swervedriver at music hall of williamsburg. June 12, 2008.
with the still out and longwave.

swervedriver rocked it 1990s style, minus adam franklin's dreads. the whole band was in a good mood. i did some sick rocking out when they started the set with "Sciflyer." Before the encore, drummer Jez said "you guys are rockin' tonight." well i'm glad he thought so cause i thought most of the crowd was dead, movement-wise. come on, it's been 10 years. SWD forever.

set included [aka songs i was able to identify, not in order]: sciflyer, song of mustang ford, ravedown, duel, girl on a motorbike, never lose that feeling, 99th dream, these times, behind the scenes of the sounds and times, i am superman.

found the setlist at the swervedriver forum, thanks to the girl that ran up on stage to get the drummer's setlist and then pulled off by a bouncer only to have bouncer give her a setlist anyways. most of the other songs were on early EPs that i never heard before. blah. set in order: sciflyer, juggernaut rides, sandblasted, the birds, duel, girl on a motorbike, these times, 99th dream, the hitcher, she's beside herself, i am superman, never lose that feeling, behind the scenes, son of mustang ford, for seeking heat, ravedown. set from previous night at bowery ballroom was much different, which is rad even though i wasn't there.

songs i wanted to hear that they didn't play: bring me the head of the fortune teller, sealed my fate, wrong treats, up from the sea, blowin' cool.

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Jeff said...

I was at the show too and really enjoyed it. I last saw Swervedriver in 1991 at the Cabaret Metro in Chicago and it was odd to see Adam Franklin without his dreadlocks, but we all get older.

However, the band didn't miss a beat at all and were still as kickass in 2008 as they were in 1991. I hope they can tour the states again!