Thursday, April 10, 2008

Daturah: Reverie (Graveface)
release: April 8, 2008
style: posty rock solid
rating: [****] German band Daturah is able to bring the usual vocal-less post-rock to a new level. While many other bands of this style hit occassional peaks of intensity, Daturah is at full ramming peak 95% of the time on Reverie. When quiet, the voice samples and the dark corners of the atmosphere are the calm before charging guitars come falling. Few other acts have pulled off the now-tired quiet-loud-quiet-loud approach as sharply. The five cerebral pieces are less aggressive than, say, 65daysofstatic, though pack an equal punch. Daturah knows exactly what it is doing on one of the most serious record without lyrics so far this year. -Kenyon

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