Thursday, April 10, 2008

really quick reviews yo...

The Black and White Years - [Texas] - Ska has been dead for years now, but the Black and White Years (named "best new local band" by someone at the Austin Chronic-el) update the building block rhythm of ska with the vibrant "Power to Change." The self-titled debut album was produced by the Talking Heads' Jerry Harrison and they got a date soon with VHS or Beta, so werd up.

Gentleman Auction House - [St. Louis] "The Book of Matches" is posi kitchen sink indie rock with a big back beat. Would make sense opening for the Polyphonic Spree or alongside the Go! Team.

Alan Wilkis - [Brooklyn] '70s soft rock/pop walking on multi-color electronic lifts. "Milk and Cookies" is gonna make girls get all giddy. One of the best things heard all week.

Team Robespierre [Brooklyn] electro-punk for the kids in basements and warehouses featuring sing-alongs up the ying yang.

Secret Knives - [New Zealand] - bright eyes backed by editors or the killers but with a lo-fi recording method.

Sleepy Eyes of Death - [Seattle] - oooooo electronic swirly dream rock, like M83.

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