Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Pyramids: Pyramids (Hydra Head)
release: April 22, 2008
style: experimental atmospheric noise
[rating: ***] Thanks to the little info found, Pyramids was a complete mystery and pretty much remains that way. This self-titled experiment is way out there in no man's land, ejecting layers of guitar noise, drum machine pounding and disembodied vocals. About a third of the time it's soothing and an enjoyable listen, the remainder is mainly annoying and increasingly so, depending on your threshold of tolerance for this sort of thing. The final track practically winds up being condensed and compressed hardcore metal, believe it or not. Pyramids could possibly be post-post-post rock that hasn't been invented yet. Basically, you'll either think it's sh*t or genius. I'll tell you what though, Pyramids, you get three stars for not following the popular crowd. -Kenyon

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