Tuesday, April 29, 2008

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the verve at the WaMu theater at Madison Square Garden, NYC
April 28, 2008.
[warning: set list spoiler below]

Even though it's been 10 years, it sure didn't feel that way. the verve was spot on and the magic was still there. after the DJ on stage spun typical annoying old soul junk (dude come on, not even some primal scream?) one of the best rock bands ever blew some minds. given that it's been 10 years, who knew what to expect or what the set list would be like. the band played and chose songs like it was only a couple years since the release of Urban Hymns and half the songs were from that last record. A couple of new songs were unveiled-- "Sit and Wonder," introduced by Ashcroft and "Disco," which was the title on the set list and as Ashcroft remarked "a soon to be classic." Oh yea, cocky. Fortunately, the new ones don't sound anything like the acoustic guitar-lead ballads off Hymns, where the Verve was drifting from its psychedelia.

The highlights (read: rocking out) were "A New Decade" (cause it was the first song), "This is Music" and "Gravity Grave." The last one was originally not on the set list, as Simon played a teaser bassline and Ashcroft had just grabbed an acoustic guitar. A bunch of people shouted out "Gravity Grave" and then Ashcroft was basically like, f*ck it, let's play it. He said it was going to be a "15 minute version" but it was only about half that, oh well. Of course--surprise, surprise--"Bittersweet" received the best response from the crowd and everyone in the seats were standing. Whatever. Anyway, Nick McCabe is the man. i didn't mention drummer peter or get any good photos of him so..peter you rule too.

in order - thanks to ben who got a set list.
A New Decade
This Is Music
Space And Time
Life's An Ocean
Already There
Gravity Grave (not on setlist)
Weeping Willow
Sit And Wonder (new)
Rolling People
Velvet Morning (on list, didn't play)
Drugs Don't Work
Lucky Man
Come On
Bittersweet Symphony
Disco (new. aka Love is Noise or Love is Pain)

short clip of one of the sweet new songs at the end of the set-
see you in the next one

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