Saturday, April 05, 2008

new Madonna.
i want candy. any kind will do. except THIS trash!

Hard Candy out April 29, 2008.

Boy i am so glad i saw Madonna on the last tour supporting her fantastic previous album, cause so far Hard Candy is torture. There are problems here. First, Justin Timberlake is understandable. I guess it sorta works even though he's young enough to be her son, but Timbaland? no no no. He ruins an already mediocre song. Madonna does not need those two clowns. And look at Madonna's arms. Ew. Oh wait, sorry MTV.com just brainwashed me saying, she is "looking better than she has in years." Blech. 4 minutes to save the world? Stop singing about such a crisis and start preventing the ice caps from melting. You got money, use it! Whoops, too late. Warner has been removing the video from youtube mad quick and making us pay 1.99 on iTunes, but here is a still-shot version of "4 Minutes" that looks even worse than the video itself. A 4-minute waste of time. -Kenyon

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