Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wolftron: Flesh and Fears (Eyeball)
release: May 6, 2008
style: singer/songwriter chamber pop/rock
[rating: ***1/2] I bet you're thinking this is electro-nik cause of the "tron." You know, like Ladytron or the film Tron or whatever. No no no! Wolftron, lead by Kenny Choi of Daphne for Derby, contradicts its name by providing a percentage of the most naturally sleepy, honest-sounding pop/rock this year. Notables "Crystal Skulls" and "Blueberry Waves" are impressively rich and reverbed considering the low-key production techniques, while the romantic-dramatic splices of psychedelia surround Choi's layered, pillowy vocals. Super rad! -Kenyon

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