Saturday, April 26, 2008

what will the poor girl wear to all tomorrow's parties?

As you probably heard, my bloody valentine is headlining All Tomorrow's Parties, September 19-21 in...no man's land New York. It will cost you big time. Still, writers at Pitchfork and some other music snob sites are bugging out. Pitchfork especially. oooo ooo you peed yourself! oh my, Pitchfork, congrats, you are really expressing your excitement! Yea, they are shitting bricks all over the place. Although i've been hearing and reading rumors of mbv playing proper shows in NYC and can patiently wait for that, i can't help but openly not give a crap about ATP NY 2008.

First, look at the admission cost ($225 plus booking fee plus room). Second where the hell is Monticello? Upstate NY. Granted, not that far up. This is cool for being around more trees. Oh and check *this*: "The three-day boutique festival will have less than 3000 people attending." boutique? excuse ME.

As far as going for mbv, you'd have to wait through a bunch of other bands you don't care about, if that is the case. It's like that Curiouso nonsense the Cure did outdoors in the middle of the sh*tty summer. Also, can someone please get a more recent photo of mbv? Every photo i'm seeing is from back in the day. Even the promo for the shows in the UK. There's no way they still look like that.

At least this has been a big year for significant bands from the early-mid 1990s reforming- So far we have mbv, the Verve and Swervedriver. We also have the Cure two nights in a row (msg AND radio city music hall). these big festival shows in the U.S., no thanks.

and that brings us to the band line-up. what the hell. terrible!

F*ck Buttons - Polvo - Low
Edan with Dagha - Mogwai - The Drones
Built to Spill playing Perfect From Now On
Wooden Shjips (who?) - Shellac
Thee Silver Mount Zion Orchestra - Autolux
Meat Puppets playing Meat Puppets II
Tortoise playing one of their albums
Thurston Moore playing Psychic Hearts


Anonymous said...

fav fest lineup this year

Anonymous said...

yeah, i mean hearing the meat puppets, tortoise, and mbv would change my life...