Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blowing Trees: Blowing Trees (Glassnote)
release: March 18, 2008
style: rock the world
[rating: ***1/2] Like the room-filling universe rocking of Muse, Blowing Trees does some filling of its own in the urgent rock department. Calm down though, this Texas act isn't on par with the mighty Muse. With a consistent level of musicianship and sky-reaching vocals (which, i finally pinpointed, replicates Manic Street Preachers), the Texas band is able to pull something off worthwhile. Strong offerings include the very personal "The Day the World Left Me" and "The Anywhere," which, believe it or not, is the child of Radiohead's "Electioneering" and Kenny Loggins "I'm Alright." Yeah i know! go figure right? The latter half of the record holds up and shines just as well, barely mistepping. This band is like, under the radar or something. -Kenyon

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