Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Tears Run Rings
Always, Sometimes, Seldom, Never
release: April 8, 2008
style: dream pop, shoegaze
similar: Moose, Mira, Skywave, Secret Shine
[rating: ***1/2] Previously of indie pop/twee bands of which you probably have never heard, the members of Tears Run Rings (that's a song by Marc Almond of Soft Cell, by the way) exchanges its preference for a direct embodiment of classic shoegaze. "Waiting for the End," for example, will naturally be accused of copycatting early Slowdive. "Run Run Run" and a few others funnel the baritone, hazy lazy vox of early Jesus and Mary Chain. The girl vocals are put to sufficient use (very important), blending flawlessly with the male. This debut LP, which took a few years to make via infrequent meetings of members before relying on snail mail and email, has an ironic natural flow. As far as post-early '90s dream pop goes, Always is among this year's best. -Kenyon


beatmaster23 said...

sorry k, isn't there a link to where we can preview this album before buying it? cheers,


Anonymous said...

they have a few tracks on their website myspace and scattered around on blogs.


it's an amazing album in my humble opinion.